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Today, hotel guests have higher expectations than ever before. And at the heart of a positive guest experience lies the fabric. Color, pattern and texture merge to set the perfect mood for your guests’ experience — and provide a delightful sensory experience that draws them back.

Since 1994, Kenco has been a visionary in the fashion-driven hospitality industry, where innovation is king and exceptional customer service is a must. Our high-quality, high-performance fabrics and in-house fabric printing capabilities form the cornerstone of our success with designers and purchasers alike. From our field measure through installation, Kenco is a notch above both fabric wholesalers and fabricators of window treatments to three diverse commercial markets — hospitality, health care, as well as commercial and educational.

At Kenco, we collaborate with designers, purchasers and other managers to help them achieve whatever look they desire — all while meeting exceptional quality standards, demanding deadlines and a wide range of budgets. And our expert craftspeople manufacture all of our finished products under one roof, where we can keep a sharp eye on quality.

Our attention to detail, forthright way of doing business, and ability to provide everything from fabric to installation has earned us repeat business from all corners of the earth. It goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to stay at the forefront of design trends. And it was woven in from the very beginning.