Lake Tahoe Collection


Collection: Lake Tahoe Collection
  • Baton draw system
  • Regular duty (6 lbs/ft.)
  • Max length available in one piece 236”
  • Advanced aluminum extrusion
  • Chromated powder coated with patented dry lubricant
  • UV protected clickable carriers available
  • Hassle-free installation with optional “Smart Klick” brackets
  • Can be curved and bent
  • Limited lifetime warranty




  • Pinch Pleat
  • Ripplefold*
  • Cubicle
  • FlexWave


  • Center draw
  • One-way draw
  • Off-center draw

Specification Guide
Download PDF.
 Spec Guide


Lake Tahoe Klick CarrierLake Tahoe Klick Carrier
Lake Tahoe Snap CarrierLake Tahoe Snap Carrier
Lake Tahoe Pinch Pleat CarrierLake Tahoe Pinch Pleat Carrier
Lake Tahoe Slim Ball BearingLake Tahoe Slim Ball Bearing
Lake Tahoe 2 Piece Connected SnapLake Tahoe 2 Piece Connected Snap
Lake Tahoe Stop CarrierLake Tahoe Stop Carrier
Lake Tahoe Carrier with SS HookLake Tahoe Carrier with SS Hook
Lake Tahoe Pinch Pleat MastersLake Tahoe Pinch Pleat Masters
Lake Tahoe Butt with 3 SnapsLake Tahoe Butt with 3 Snaps
Lake Tahoe Plastic Snap MasterLake Tahoe Plastic Snap Master
Lake Tahoe Regular Duty CeilingLake Tahoe Regular Duty Ceiling
Lake Tahoe Ceiling SpliceLake Tahoe Ceiling Splice
Lake Tahoe Klick On Ceiling BracketLake Tahoe Klick On Ceiling Bracket
Lake Tahoe HD Splice w 4 screwsLake Tahoe HD Splice w 4 screws
Lake Tahoe HD Ceiling w KlickLake Tahoe HD Ceiling w Klick
Lake Tahoe 3in Wall BracketLake Tahoe 3in Wall Bracket
Lake Tahoe 6in Double Wall BracketLake Tahoe 6in Double Wall Bracket
Lake Tahoe End CapLake Tahoe End Cap
Lake Tahoe Twist On End StopLake Tahoe Twist On End Stop
Lake Tahoe End LockLake Tahoe End Lock
Lake Tahoe Return PlateLake Tahoe Return Plate
Lake Tahoe BatonLake Tahoe Baton