Exterior Drapery

Kenco Hospitality can provide exterior draperies used in cabana and deck or beachfront drapery. We offer acrylic solution dyed fabric as well as exterior polyester used for drapery built to withstand the exterior environmental conditions.

Distinctive features of this category

  • Drapery is usually provided with stainless steel grommet top providing durability during windy conditions in many open deck areas.
  • The hardware is normally a powder coated pole and bracket available in standard colors as well as custom finishes based on the client’s needs and installed on either wall or ceiling. 
  • Drapery is available in 100’s of colors and a variety of designs that allow the client design diversity in both texture and color.  

Features of the Exterior Product

  • Both the Acrylic and polyester provide the color fastness required for exterior product.  
  • Let us provide either drapery to meet your every outdoor need.